Making Connections

Making connections- we all strive to make connections each moment of every day. We connect with people, with our environment and with ideas. Enjoy viewing these photos with the lens of connection.

Crystal, our newest volunteer, tells a beautiful story about English Ivy, using felted props. The week prior, she told the story inside; now we have a chance to hear the story outside right beside English Ivy!

Connecting to the story, this small group explores ivy and what it can do.

Grady notices there is frost on this shrub. What is he thinking about as he gazes down? What connections is he making?

Oliver uses his finger to feel the frost. I notice him trying to make lines but it isn’t working so I offer him a branch.

Ryan & Roy want to write their names in the frost. This moment deepens their relationship as well as opens a door to discuss cold and frost.

Veronica is Einav & Stanislav’s’ third child at TNNS and we are so honoured to have them join us each year to celebrate Hanukkah. Sharing stories, traditions and yummy food with us is so special for all of us. Thank you!

Keith and Misuzu hold hands while listening to Heidi’s wonderful storytelling. How will this simple act impact their day?

Misha and Barry had just finished sharing an idea and now are enjoying being beside each other, listening to Mr Gumpy’s Outing.

Tricia and Mohammed are so connected- they share ideas, laugh a lot and help each other grow.

So lovely- Roy’s arm resting on Penny’s shoulder as the three of them watch the construction of the new playground bathrooms.

Connecting to our garden, even in the cold weather of autumn, children feel and smell the dried lavender harvested months ago.

Daniela and Emma work on a drawing together. They end up doing two drawings so each person can bring one home. Creating art together is personal and powerful for relationship building.

Dion excitedly goes through his binder, asking me to read some of his work and memories.

Taylor takes time to work on beading a necklace. Will she want to wear it?

Hillary always has a group of children gathered around her for stories. Her warmth and listening invite others in so readily.

Jackson helps to ‘read’ the book with Hillary. What impact does this role have on Jackson in terms of the group?

Titus brings his prop to the felt board when his character is called upon in the story. Using story props helps children relate to a story in a different way.

Jayden wants to know what this sign tells us. He reads out individual letters. This sign relates to a sculpture beside it, allowing me to share some TN history with Jayden.

Owls at play on the bench!

Ambrose and Lavender decorate their gingerbread cookie. Gingerbread is a yearly tradition here at TNNS. What are your home traditions?

And more connections to think about…

In gratitude,