A Tangled Ball of Yarn

My brain is like a tangled ball of yarn. The past couple of weeks my mind has been swirling with thoughts about curriculum in large and small groups- poetry; art; buddies; introducing the deep concept of home and exploring it further; emotional engagement; student visitors from SFU; new volunteers; and offering in depth play experiences.

It also has been filled with thoughts on a bigger scale- the work of the Ministry of Children & Family Development and the Ministry of Education; the new Early Learning Framework; the project we are working on as a team with a grant from the Vancouver Reggio Association; registration details for next year (yes, already!); and how to develop and grow a community of Early Childhood Educators.

So, because my mind is in a state of not knowing, collision, and imbalance, I cannot seem to pull one thread from these photos. I invite you to enjoy each photo on it’s own and yet realize the collective nature of our work. One moment is a moment but it always braids with the other moments, creating this unique and special place we call home.


In gratitude,