The first week of school, even after teaching for 24 years, continues to be an emotional time. A time for new beginnings, new wishes, new commitments and reflection. As we head into our fifth year of Nature School, we have a better sense of who we are as individual educators as well as the dynamics of our collective team. We are excited to settle into the areas we feel are working well and motivated to push and explore the many areas we are interested in growing as a team.

As I fondly look back on our first year, when school began out of the Red Barn at the other end of the park (the Cottage was still being renovated), I cannot help but feel thankful to the families that placed their trust in us to join us on this journey and of course to our own team for having the courage to work through the many challenges of opening a new school. I will be forever grateful and I know my dearest partner, Kate, feels the same. We are one lucky bunch of educators!

Thank you to both our returning and new families for coming along with us for a new school year as we nurture through nature! Enjoy a glimpse of our first week and marvel at how well the children settled into their new place.


An exploration of dandelion seed fluffs.

Connecting through nature, nurturing through nature…

In gratitude,