Earth Day

Another busy couple of weeks at Nature School!  All of a sudden, rain and sun have colluded to turn the park and garden green! We have been using tools – wheelbarrows and trowels, shovels and rakes – in the garden.  The new rolling compost bin is up and spinning.  Outdoor loose parts such as ramps, ladders and hoops are being used by the children during free play in ever more complex ways.  The Killdeer gave us plenty of opportunities to practice patience and self regulation as we gave the nesting family space, and then we felt the satisfaction of protecting them further with a colourful scarecrow.   We have been nibbling early spring greens: kale, sorrel, stinging nettle, and asparagus.  Owls enjoyed their field trip to visit their Thompson buddies; staff had an opportunity to practice their shelter building skills.  All three of our Family Walks were blessed with warm days, and it was a joy to see how comfortable the children were in traversing, investigating, and respecting this very special park.  Enjoy this photographic album of our last two weeks together!

Kate's small Owls group using binoculars and magnifying glasses.

With more special, springy days to come!

With thanks, Kate