Family Cooking Day

Our Family Cooking Day, Indian Food, was everything we hoped it would be and more! The idea began brewing a long time ago, years in fact! Coincidentally, a Cobb Oven cooking idea was also something Leslie  Williams, from the Sharing Farm, had also been thinking about for a while.  Sarah Drewery, the Executive Director of the Sharing Farm, Leslie and I sat down for many hours dreaming and planning. We met with Nav Sidhu, an amazing community baker and chef, who happily jumped on board to the project.

The rain sprinkled down at times and gushed down at others but it did not matter. Raincoats donned, Leslie and Nav lit the fire in the Cobb Oven, carefully balancing heat and flame.  Nav imparted her knowledge about the intricacies of Indian food, often sharing memories of being a young child cooking with her family. Her stories are an important way to connect past, present and future. Families worked along side each other chopping veggies, grinding spices with a mortar and pestle and kneading roti dough, writing their own stories with each moment spent together.

Recipes included mixed sabje, daal makhni, tadka for the daal, a spice mix and two dough, roti and naan. My mouth is watering as I write and I think a pot of daal will be cooked in my own kitchen today!

Enjoy these photos which capture our time learning, cooking and building community together. Thank you to Nav, Leslie, Sarah and our amazing volunteers, Erin, Claire and Grayson ( they were completely indispensable!). Also, to our leaders at Thompson Community Centre and the City of Richmond for supporting the idea. As well, to Richmond Community Foundation for providing for the kitchen equipment!

Cook together with your family, eat with your family and create stories as you do- they will be long remembered!

Join us for Family Cooking Day: Pizza in the Cobb Oven on Saturday, May 26! Program #2507842, to register.

With a full heart and belly,