For all of us who thought we could pack our mittens and wool layers away during Spring Break, Tuesday was a shocking reminder of just how cold the wind can be, especially with our proximity to the Fraser River!  Nevermind, we are enjoying re-connecting to one another, to the land, to the Red-winged blackbirds, Eagles, pussywillows and puddles!  Knowing many of the children have just celebrated Easter, we have been dyeing fabric together, playing with baskets of eggs, noticing Spring flowers, and even indulging in a raucous gathering of chocolate eggs to share!  Due to the holiday Monday, seniors field trip, and buddy day, the Owls have had a short week with limited photo opps, but we’ll have more pics up soon! Enjoy this glimpse of our week!

adults set up gutter ramps as a provocation

children created new combinations

the building components completely reinvented!

Heidi and Ashlyn create a game of tossing pinecones into the ditch at a floating target

Ryan and Masa throw balls at a target high above them in the tree

Frazer and Ronan add difficulty by climbing and balancing as they try to toss the ball over the low branch

Hillary supports safe ‘hiding’ in the dense cedar tree

group observation and drawing of daffodils outside Red Barn

Ohnyou and Ashlyn chatting together to support their drawing skills, “I see a triangle” says Ashlyn, “but I don’t” says Ohnyou

Inspired by a camellia blossom Erika found on our walk, May and Sloan join Erika as they continue working in the studio with markers and pastels

Frazer and Quinn are practicing fine motor skills while cutting and collaging images from a seed catalogue

Soyon creates order using the felt blossoms at the magnet board

practicum student Deborah alongside Quinn, Audrey and Ohnyou as they combine bird puppets and the eggs in dramatic play

never mind looking for eggs, where’s Atlas?!

Heidi engaged in ‘small world’ play with Erika using tiny traditional Easter ornaments


getting cozy and playing house (sshh! Justine is sleeping!)


Thank you for reading!