Celebrating, December 2017

As we reflect upon images from our recent days together at TNNS, we see celebration! Whether in small quiet moments that recognize individual accomplishments, or energetic gatherings honouring our community, there is much to celebrate!  Part of the joy of celebrating is in the planning and anticipation.  With young children, the repetition of stories, songs, and tasks provides a context for  celebration, be it a tasty apple that is finally knocked to the ground with a big stick after days of trying, or a feast prepared by many hands, the rewards of persistence and diligence are sweet.  Wishing you all a loving, festive, and restful Winter Break this Holiday Season!

Sharing stories together – written, oral, and dramatized with props.  Ask your child about the Crow that stole the simmering spice!

Emily posted a Vimeo of children playing with these well-loved tubes, which here become a tower for Myles; props in “a living room with TV” by Anderson and Yi Teng; a lounging bed for Ashlyn; a balancing act for Anderson and Yi Teng; a surprise from Erika; and a pleasure and challenge for Ryan as he rolls right out of the picture!

Lilja and Winnie create a shared game with pinecones as props.

So many moments of cooperation and shared learning: Cordelia observes Reya while drawing and Tyler observes Masa and Kye while making pate brisee; Tyler generously shares kale from his garden; Theo and Quinn navigate tree climbing together, while Vino and Darel coordinate moving in a hoop vehicle and Erika and Ashlyn take turns pulling each other in the wagon.

Many preparations, including  gifts, cards for buddies, food, and decorations, have kept us busy!  We made paper chains and wrapping paper, pumpkin tarts, and some yet to be opened, very ‘home-grown and recycled’ projects you’ll receive next week!

We have been working hard to determine what constitutes a ‘feast’?  This word has come up in a number of our holiday stories and conversations, so it seemed worthy of further inquiry.  Roy noticed me scribing the children’s ideas, and picked up a pen to add to the list – pre-literacy in action!  Enjoy these many images of our feasting and gathering together…..




From all of us at Terra Nova Nature School, we hope you enjoy your many and varied celebrations and feasts together!  Classes resume January 8, 2018!

Warmly, Kate