Family Cooking Day


I love bringing children and adults together to make healthy, wholesome, delicious food! My heart is full from yesterday’s Family Cooking Class and I believe everyone who attended have not only full bellies, but full hearts as well! Current TNNS families joined us, as well as alumni families (and Kate’s son , Grayson!)- the unification of different generations of TNNS families is so humbling and soul warming.  A special thank you to our returning volunteers, Erin and Claire, for all their help and generous spirits. So amazing to have them back in my life since I taught them preschool many moons ago! And, to our chef, Andrea MacLean, whose expertise, organization and positive attitude are beyond what one can expect.

We learned about the nuances of dough- how it thinks and feels when we touch it. We discovered the secret ingredients for tourtière filling, as well as brainstormed ideas about other fillings. We played with sheet pastry, exploring ways to make fancy designs to elevate pastry decorating to a new level. Our bakers made balls, twists, flowers and even a t-rex dinosaur! Sadly, I was so busy getting our lunch together, I forgot to take photos  of the gorgeous golden brown topped tourtières as they glistened out of the hot oven- drats! We also learned how to make dense shortbread dough with a decadent chocolate icing; each family received a gift of cookies to bring home as well, thanks Andrea!

Thank you families for rushing straight here after soccer; for packing up babies and diaper bags and bringing the whole family; for attending even when your babysitter for your younger child cancelled; for arranging for pick up and drops offs; for picking up grandchildren and dropping them back off- all of your time and commitment to creating this special community is noticed and valued.

See you next Family Cooking Class!