A Pot of Gold

As corny as it is, I think we just have to say it is all rainbows and butterflies here at TNNS! All joking aside, it truly is an exceptional place to work and live together. We are blessed to have many people interested in seeing our work here at Terra Nova and they always comment on this beautiful landscape. In fact, without exaggeration, everyone also says something like “This is the best place to work” or “You have so much fun here”. I must say, this is the biggest compliment of all- that we exude a sense of fun and playfulness, which is one of our core values here at TNNS. Together we smile and laugh as we rejoice in each other and this place. Thank you for laughing with us and travelling in this educational journey together with JOY!

The rain tumbled down clumsily. The sun pushed through with force and ambition. And then… this rainbow.

We held our second parent evening a couple of weeks ago. We continued discussions around our own play memories and how we can bring the learnings from the past into the lives of our children. It really feels like we are developing a group of supportive and intellectual parents that are committed to creating a unique community. Thank you for joining us!

Lots of rain drops fell this week. LOTS! One by one they make big puddles. BIG! Big puddles allow for such great play and learning. Enjoy these photos of our week together. Some photos speak for themselves, others have a caption.

Everyone wants to cross the bridge! ( by Misuzu)

After Heidi cut off all the branches from this tree trunk, Erina and Mia carried it over to the puddle and set it across to make a bridge. (by Misuzu)

Sharing the land with ducks opens discussion about whether it is thoughtful to yell and scare them away. Interesting to observe the power one seems to get from shooing animals away. Perhaps it is a primal instinct but here we encourage children to respectfully engage with the animals on the land.

How do we share one worm? Theo loves worms, it is hard to give it up. Ryan wants to hold it. After this photo, Theo finds a worm for Ryan- the best of both worlds!

Daniela brings in a ‘pumpkin’ from home. She was proud to show her friends.

Avalon finds a stick and proudly says ” I am making the letter L”. She then makes other letters, bending the branch as needed.

An impromptu game of tag. Look at these smiles!

My small Eagle group likes to fish in puddles, ditches and anywhere they can find water. It began with one long branch that Ashlyn found a couple of weeks ago and has now become a favourite activity with many in the group.

Mia, Yutaka, Reya and Daniela responsibly stop at our cabbage bench check point. Allowing children to run ahead and stop at certain points builds trust. We have always done this at TNNS and it was great to hear at our parent meeting that some families are also doing making space for this type of learning in their own lives.

After observing the other children for a while, Janina joins in the fun. (by Misuzu)

Erina, Mia, and Cordelia are testing out the bridge. It takes great coordination and balance to cross the bridge as it is thin, wobbly, and slippery. (by Misuzu)

Jackson and Cleo discover that their mittens float in the puddle. (By Misuzu)

Harvesting carrots for buddy day.

After our Quilchena buddy day, our Eagles do a reflection of our time together. These sketches reveal their thinking about what what was important to them. Buddies all helped make lunch together ( soup, a hummus dip, a squash dip) and explored a loose parts activity based on the book Leaf Man.

Dion and Masa find a common affection for dinosaurs and trucks. They experiment with the slippery surface of the table to zoom their trucks off the end.

Roy (not in this photo) is captivated by the eagle that is perched on the very top branch of this tree. Ryan leans back, straining to see the bird- he spots it and points to show me.

Justine pulls a heavy load- people, tree cookies and hidden trucks underneath. She is determined to get the wagon moving.

Some cozy indoor time for the Owls

Misuzu and Ryan have fun rolling the cork shapes back and forth. Ryan is discovering what pieces roll with ease while also developing a connection to one of his teachers.