It has been a whirlwind of a week; literally and figuratively! The wind howled and the rain pelted down sideways, forwards and backwards! We were wet and then we were dry. We were wet and then we were dry.  We were wet and then we were dry. This is what we do here at TNNS, weather the storms with courage, togetherness and joy. Thanks to an incredible bunch of children, parents and staff, we all loved our full and challenging week.

Barry starts the week off one a delicious note as generously brought both Eagles and Owls bannock from a special baker in Kelowna! This traditional fry bread is scrumptious with jam- thanks Barry!

As you know from our emails and videos, Chris Roskelley came out for a visit on Monday. The children sang, used instruments and danced their hearts out!

We were honoured to host the beginning of an exciting project titled ‘Changing results for Young Children’, a partnership between the Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby School Districts with Early Learning Centres.  Through dialogue and reflective documentation, primary educators and Early Childhood Educators, will be working together throughout the year to increase understanding of early years best practice. Heidi will be representing TNNS at these sessions; her knowledge and expertise will be an asset to her group and we are looking forward to learning from the other educators via Heidi.

Work inside and outside-

William and Oliver work with focus as they draw their own faces for their binder self-portrait project.

Love the smile Clark is drawing!

Laren tells me “I want to do my whole body.”

Lilja carefully notices the various parts of her face. She narrates her observations as she transfers them onto paper. (by Heidi)

Heidi teaches ‘mushroom’ parts and safety with a song.

Kye and Ronan help to do our family chores and offer to fold laundry. They both fold carefully and with precision!

Myles spends an extended period of time focusing intently on shelling all of the beans in the basket and placing them into a single cup.( by Heidi)

Yehuan and Mia wordlessly add ingredients to the pan with, “the cooking fire.” (by Heidi)

Cordelia and Emma attempt to figure out how to dress the small dolls, trying to determine where the limbs go and how to manipulate the buttons. ( by Heidi)

Yehuan notices something in the blackberry bushes. “This is a digger and this was a machine from the farm. The farm was here for a very long time and when the farm grow bigger the blackberries grow old over the digger,” he determines. ( by Heidi)

Clark spends a long time carefully choosing his shapes; he is developing mathematical skills and the ability to follow through on a task.

Theo and Masa sing and play and laugh loudly together! The beauty of childhood!

Kate is on her way to becoming our resident Apple Expert! With a deep interest in apples. Kate went to the UBC Apple Festival, with our own varietals in hand, to have them identified by their apple specialist. Here she is sharing some of what she learned with the children. Thanks Kate!

Budding friendship between Aaron and Elizabeth. What are they talking about? I cannot hear as it is raining too hard but I would be interested to know.

Daniela and Oliver investigate a mushroom, know as Amanita. Learning to respect its beauty, without touching it, is something we work on a lot in the autumn.

We hosted our first parent night of this school year. What an amazing turnout of dedicated parents ( If you could not make this meeting, no worries at all- next time!). We were so grateful folks braved the weather to join us in a discussion about outdoor childhood experiences and what long term value they have in life.

With gratitude,