Autumn Sunshine

What a spectacular week it has been! Children settling into routine, smiling and enjoying being in a group setting. Enjoy a few photos from last week and many from this week!

Masa & Anderson explore colour as they look at each other’s faces through coloured glass. The combination of colours sends them into fits of laughter.

Hillary supports sharing and turn taking at the play dough tarp.

Using chalk pastels to express a design idea, Quinn & Ashlyn work alongside each other in silence.

Based on observed interest in tubes and cars, we bring the long “roadways and ramps” down to the healing garden. How will a new place change their play?

Apple & carrot soup, using up veggies from the garden that are not great for raw eating. Teaching children the importance of using what we have is important here at TNNS!

Atlas enjoys digging for potatoes, finding spiders and scooping soil.

Thanks for all the watering Daniela!

At first, Wayden is hesitant to get his hands dirty in the soil but it sure doesn’t take long for him to realize how fun it is to harvest veggies grown underneath the soil!

Fresh tomatoes off the vine- the gifts of a late summer! Cleo and Lilja eat several each while Reya looks on, curious but unsure of eating one herself. Maybe another day!

Edible wilds grow plentiful here at the farm so we dialogue a lot about safety and mindful harvesting. Heidi picks a fresh clover to share with everyone.

Lining up for clover petals! Don’t you love Nature School?

Soyon finds an old lean to shelter made in our summer camps. Hiding in small places is always intriguing. What other play can happen here? I wonder what we could place inside to add to this space?

Working in teams to investigate and record garden finding, Audrey, Ronan & Tyler look at drying beans. Crossing fingers they dry in time before the rains come!

Dion & Justine draw watermelon and cantaloupe growing on their vines. How wonderful to really see where these fruits come from and how they are grown.

Many chefs may quick cutting of potatoes for roasted potatoes for lunch.

Roy & Masa use elastic bands to explore geometric shapes and designs. This activity also builds strength in hand and finger muscles.

Owl Chefs on potato duty!

The magnetic maze allows Reya to look for pathways and figure out solutions.

Avalon is on a mission! She wants to do every single shape board all by herself!

Barry points out a Great Blue Heron, one of the first we have seen this school year. Theo and Roy are trying to get an eye on it but it is far away and quite camouflaged.

The Eagles use binoculars to look for birds and planes.

Ryan and Quinn work long and hard at filling up the tower with gravel. Barry adds encouragement and helps to stabilize the structure for them. It was beautiful to watch them all working together.

Eagle chefs making mashed potatoes at the harvest tables in the Healing Garden.

Roy is climbing up here for the first time! Challenging our bodies and taking risks is something that is supported here at TNNS!

Thank you Soyon!

Owls learn new lyrics to a familiar tune; Misuzu does a musical version of Old Macdonald.

The Owls go through their first emergency drill of the year.

Owls cutting potatoes for our outdoor cooking project.

Ezrah and Misuzu share a giggle as they tickle and hug each other. These early stages of a relationship are so important for future interactions.

Bowls and dishes create pretend play opportunities to make ice cream and cupcakes!

Oliver enjoys filling the pots with dried grass and then pouring it out. Allowing time for exploration in sensory play is important for young children.

“I found a snail, I found a snail “, exclaims Avalon with excitement!

Jess & Erika continue to develop their relationship from last year. This is exactly why we are here, doing what we do. To love and nurture each other and grow together on this land! Thanks for volunteering Jess!

Yay, Yi Ting!!

In gratitude,