I equate the new school year to most people’s New Year, being January 1st; I think most teachers would agree. We ask ourselves deep questions and make new resolutions about how we want to move ahead. It is always a time for reflection and excitement as we imagine our year to come.  Interestingly, despite so many years of teaching, I still get nervous with butterflies dancing in my stomach the weekend before school. I know my amazing, experienced colleagues feel the same way. I love that we still feel this way- the spark that ignites for a new year of growth and relationships. We are so grateful to be in this place- here on this land, with all of you. Thank you for joining us as we journey through our year together, seeking new pathways and connections.

Enjoy a glimpse of our first week together which included learning to say goodbye to special people in our lives, meeting new children and adults, organizing our belongings, figuring out schedules and systems, garden visits, cooking, art and PLAY!!

With gratitude,