So many projects!

We have had a busy couple of weeks in both the Owls and Eagles classes!  Our last visits of the year with our buddy classes from Thompson and Quilchena Elementary schools are always bittersweet, as we realize just how much the buddies have grown together and formed caring relationships with one another!  Some relationships are fleeting, but no less special, as we saw with a visit from a local high school class from McMath Secondary.  Although Mr. Fraser brings his class just once a year as part of a bike hike, these teens are always enthusiastic partners when they start gardening and cooking with our preschoolers!  We also piloted a few ‘Grand-pal’ visits with senior volunteers at the Sharing Farm, planting sunflowers and hunting for herbs.  The Owls had a visit from Mike and his recycling truck, as well as some exciting cooking on the Coleman stove using tofu and freshly harvested stinging nettle. We are busy with several surprise projects, and lots of planting and planning for our upcoming “Young Citizens Farmers & Artisans Market” on June 13, but we still make time for playing in tall grass, ‘cooking’ with mud and buttercups, stories, songs, and plenty of snuggles and giggles with friends. Enjoy!