A Little of this, A Little of That

This week has been filled with a little of this, a little of that- no real common thread wove through this week; perhaps it was the mid-week event but each day came and went, always happily and with learning opportunities but without a force tying it all together. Some weeks are just like that! Enjoy the photos, they always put a smile on my face and I reckon they do on yours too!

The Eagles help weed the garden bed in preparation for more herbs.

Kate purchased some perennials and used them as a morning circle provocation. Brianna and Zoë are leading a guessing game to name the herbs.


Ashlyn plants 3 varietals of herbs.

A rainy snack- eat quickly before your food gets soggy. These TNNS students are so weathered- they impress us each and every day! In the background, you can see Ward, Kate’s husband, also an Early Childhood Educator- he came to visit and chat with our Eagles!

Before offered a real hammer, these Owls are draw their ideas about hammers- what is a hammer, what does it look like, what can it do, when do we use it?

Barry holds the nail upright so Nicholas can hammer it into the wood piece. Using real tools develops confidence and skill, as well as concentration.

We think we hear an owl but I think it is wishful thinking. Probably a pigeon or dove- drats!

Masa and Anderson build a dinosaur house, even leaving room for the dinosaur to stick her neck out!

Ibrahim learns how to play dominoes with me and then continues to play on his own. Is he making up his own rules now? How can we extend this interest? Is he interested in the numbers or patterns?

Soyon and Yi Teng create designs with a variety of sea shells. Loose parts enable creativity, patterning and investigation.

Annabelle and May create a dramatic story about a caterpillar and bees, using the figurines and grasses. Adding invitations such as this one, opens opportunity for new stories.

Mattias is looking for very specific shell sizes to continue his line.

Mud and water.


From Heidi:

Finding forms in the clouds. Many children see a boat.

Not yet having even opened his letter, Masa turns to Yi Teng and says, “It says: thank you for spending time in the rain together.”

Zoë begins building a nest. Frazer notices and joins in, as does Ian, shortly after. “I made a place for the slugs and snails to climb up too,” says Zoë as she places tubes down to the ground.

Pretending to be eagles leaving the nest for the first time.

Maliya turns back momentarily before disappearing into the jungle of tall grass. Look carefully in the background for the tops of some other heads.

Ted, May’s uncle, volunteers hours of time making these wood animal figures for a special TNNS project! Thanks so much Ted!!

‘Till the next post,