Encountering our community

During Lunar New Year, we encountered some visitors to the park who were very intrigued to see the children organizing themselves at snack time: laying out the tarp and wash stations, finding snack bags and settling down to eat together. While we declined their invitation for a group photo, we just couldn’t resist a pic of this Rooster that they were carrying!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Both the Eagles and Owls children crafted a ‘Thank You’ card to West Coast Seeds for kindly donating many, many packages of seeds.  A small group headed out for the long walk to the post office kiosk on River Road.  The children are always intrigued by the numbered boxes, and, on this occasion,  were fortunate to meet a Postal worker who kindly took time to chat!  
Last November, several old apple trees in front of the Parson’s House fell down due to root rot, offering new opportunities for climbing and interacting with the branches. 
 Rafe sees the removal notice; when asked what he thinks the sign says, he comments “Don’t climb the trees.”


Both Eagles and Owls took time to observe and draw the trees before their removal.  Allowing quiet time for individual work, as well as proximity and time to observe and compare each others work, supports a range of learning styles.  When the chipper truck and crew arrived, the Eagles observed from a safe distance, then made drawings of the truck, which they ‘pair shared’ with a partner. 
The cut branches and stumps offered many opportunities for sensorial, gross motor, cooperative, and dramatic play:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
 Tyler is enjoying sitting amongst the branches;


Darel stirs the sawdust to make a pizza;


Avery and Zoë poke a stick into a small hole to make a lever;  and piling the logs into a campfire occupied many children….


Trees and sticks have been a theme for the play throughout the week:
Owls small group time with Misuzu at ‘Bat Cave’……


Ludwig makes a Christmas tree by decorating the conifer we planted last Spring with leaves, sticks and scraps…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Vino, Ohnyou and Audrey clambering through cedar branches….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
and Zoya has made ‘scissors’ out of sticks so she can play ‘beauty salon’ with Audrey!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
And finally, just a few more pictures to close the week….