Happy Lunar New Year!

A joyous week…Lunar New Year Celebrations, the arrival of a very generous donation from West Coast Seeds , playing, cuddling, and exploring our hearts and our minds.


Barry helps to lead our Owls in a Lion Dance- albeit our very own, unique version!



Ludwig performs his own original Lion Dance and then offers it to others to try. Katharina is giving him directions in German- how wonderful to join two very different cultures!




Tyler S’s family made these beautifully decorated stones as a gift to Nature School- thank you Angela!


Ariel and Tyler C’s mommies preparing dumplings and red bean rice cake- yum! It really is like family cooking together in a kitchen!


My heart is beating faster as I look though these seeds packs! Dreaming and planning….


Platon and Ken help to make a thank you card for West Coast Seeds. Learning to be thankful and showing our appreciation is important.



Nika and Hayden enjoy a shared experience of watching a squirrel through the window. We do have a lovely view!


“I got one! I got one!” Ibrahim announces as he reels in a “big fish.” Lately Ibrahim has pretended to fish many times during free play. What has sparked this sudden desire to explore fishing, could all the deep puddles be sparking this curious its? (Heidi)


“Hey, what happened? My bowl sunk, now I can’t get it.” Zoe inadvertently learns concepts around buoyancy as her once floating bowl submerges in the deep puddle. (Heidi)


Nicholas and Leo discuss how to fit all the pieces into their design; this is one of the first times these two children have worked together alone on a project- what will this mean for their time together next week?


Cuddling and listening attentively to Kate’s story.



Ditch fishing


While using the play dishes, Yi Teng notices Heidi put out paint pots. He approaches the paint pots and looks at them for a moment, then places his bowl near it and touches the top of the brush with his fingers. “Water, pshh pshh,” he says then and pours out his pretend water and returns to refill his bowl. Soon many of the children are using the paint pots to get water. As I watched, I noticed how, when they pressed the brush end, the motion and way of holding the bowl was reminiscent of how he use the outdoor hand wash stations. Could they be envisioning the same thing I am, or are they relating this more to an indoor faucet? (Heidi)



“Quickly we have to get to the fire!” Firefighters, Ibrahim, Will And Kingston ride their firetruck, fire hoses at the ready, to put out a blaze. Though the firetruck appeared to be an integral part of their play, I wonder if the absence of the hoses would have seen the bucket being used as a different type of vehicle, or perhaps something else entirely.(Heidi)


Sometimes it is the smallest gestures that can lead to more impactful connections and future relationships. Despite not having had very much prior communication, Ohnyou offers Ronan some of the birthday cake she had made, ensuring that he had a utensil to eat it, as well as informing him of it’s flavour. (Heidi)




Trying to help each other climb the tree.



img_6982Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and happy year!