Encounter–this word has been swirling though my mind as we enter a new year. In the past fews years, inspired by others, I have chosen a word that will support setting an intention for the upcoming year.  Influenced by one of my mentors, I have been thinking a lot about encounters. I am interested in exploring how to deepen my encounters with people, places, animals and things. How can I make each encounter rich and worthy? How can one encounter affect and inform the next? What is my role in an encounter? How can I keep myself open enough to receive the offerings given to me by an encounter?

The reason why I share this with you is because I would like to bring this intention to my daily work with children.  How can I best support their own moment to moment encounters? As I look though these photos with this in mind, I can see a beautiful start to a new year!



A chilly day naturally invites thought of warmth and fire. These Owls make a campfire, roasting marshmallows. The pretend play is complex, including adding new ingredients, cooking for each other, and warning each other of burning hot marshmallows. Kye is handing me a marshmallow, cooked on this long blade of dried grass.


Annabelle, as seen many times before, lays down and snuggles herself into her little bed. Zoya offers to sing her a goodnight song. Isn’t this lovely- Zoya bringing her home traditions to others?


Writing in cold weather is tricky, requiring a glove removal. Araceli concentrates as she begins to express her idea on paper.


Theia enjoys working in this peaceful setting. What is she hearing, seeing and feeling as she perches herself on this boulder?


Maliya references the bird field guide to identify a bird in the water.


The Owls develop their balance and proprioceptive skills as they negotiate the icy trail.


Chores are part of living together in a house. Frazer helps to care for our plants, generously donated by Barry.


Kate supports Mattias and Nikas’ curiosity around ice as she sets up a melting station.


The Owls cooking group makes apple crisp. They enjoy the smell of the cinnamon and speak enthusiastically about the butter!


Cosy time… why use our blankets when you can use mini carpets?


Justine and Ashlyn have fun typing on the keyboards and looking at books together. What will develop from this play?


The Owls bring in the garbage and recycling, an exercise in working together as the bins are awkward to carry.


Ludwig comments about how beautiful it is to be outside for snack time.


The Eagles summit this muddy hill- now you can see why their clothes were so muddy! It was the kind of mud that incited more play as children gloated about their muddiness!


William and Olivia problem solve tying a knot so the cord can reach from one tree to another. What other ways can we support this type of work?


Rafe shows Kye and Vino his stamp and transformer. It is a beautiful moment of sharing- gentle hands, polite words and mutual respect.


Audrey gives the ball “a giant kick” to pass to William. Playing with balls has so much to offer in terms of both gross motor skills and social development.


Nicholas is ready for the premier league as he dribbles, kicks and protects the ball!


Chilling out on a creative piece of furniture- a step up from the gravel! Clever Yi Teng!


Climbing, leaning, pushing in the friendliest of ways.


Tricia points out interesting things to notice- mountains, birds, water; we are so lucky to walk along the Fraser River.

‘Till the next post,