Welcome back!


Learning to use tools such as mallets, pegs, sticks, and tongs is tricky with mittens on, but very engaging!  Many children were interested in finding ice in various shapes and formations.  Ken and Yohan learned about the trapezoid!


Finding ways to travel across the land challenged our gross motor skills!
Having some quiet time in the Cottage: whether a complicated scene, a 3D block puzzle, or a free form design, figuring out how to put things together offers challenges for all ages and interests.  Heidi is showing Mattias how to connect paper rolls with paper fasteners.
Prior to the Winter Break, Ken from the Eagles class wanted to make alphabet soup.  Following up on his suggestion had us digging carrots out from under the snow before we could cut them up!  The alphabet pasta led to vigorous explorations of the alphabet in both reading and writing throughout the classroom, including the lovely example below of Avery observing and learning to add names to the easel ‘waitlist’.
Pausing to enjoy quiet times together with each other, the land, the weather, and the other creatures of Terra Nova Rural Park is important too!  We hope your Winter Break was both festive and restful.  Welcome to a new year, Happy 2017!