It Starts with One Seed

img_4405We spent a lot of time this week learning about seed saving and the miracle of growing a whole plant from one tiny seed. Through our gardening program, we can teach so many important life lessons: food security and how lucky we are to have food and how to make sure we look after feeding ourselves and others; how to care for the world around us: how to respect and interact with the seasons; working together towards a common goal; cherishing the beauty in the simple things; and that our positive energy towards the earth and each other can spread and grow–just like one tiny seed.



Shelling scarlet runner beans never gets dull- the pink and black beans are truly a thing of pure beauty. Numeracy and social skills are developed while spending time shelling together.


The Owls pose for a photo on Cabbage bench.


William and Leo work at leaf rubbings on paper. This seemingly simple art project is actually quite tricky as one must put the relief under the paper, hold the paper down ever so securely so it does not move and then figure out how to rub on the paper to allow the design to come through.


Platon plays for a long time with the gravel, piling up the gravel into mounds. He says they are houses so I offer him a scarlet runner bean to maybe make a window, door, chimney? He accepts the offer and then later he makes more mounds and gets his own empty shells from the tarp. Heidi then sits with him and he shares his building story with her.


Audrey in deep concentration and exploration. What is she figuring out for herself?


Sun shining down on our garden beds in the cool autumn breeze- getting ready to plant some garlic.


Annabelle makes Barry “an omelet”. Why an omelet? Is this something she eats at home- we must check in with mom and dad about this so we can build on this play experience.


Rafe and Elsa chat with Misuzu; I do not know the topic but I love the way Misuzu is listening to them.


Ohnyou and Yi Teng enjoy being together and making something. I wonder what they are making?


Investigating the herb garden and learning about rosemary, sage, thyme and mint. Yohan proudly harvests a long rosemary branch.


Mattias, Hayden and Ken are in search of bees. I help them to capture honey bees and a bumblebee into their bug jars so we can see their bodies up close. We discuss the stress it might cause the bees and release them very quickly.


Making stuffing!


The Owls learn about sitting for snack time and the expectations around proper manners. Making space for others, sitting while eating, saying please and thank you, chewing with closed mouths and talking only when one’s mouth is empty- all good things to learn, even on a tarp!


Will notices there is a large pile of coyote scat on the bridge. This prompts a discussion about scat with Platon and Kingston chiming in.


Jason working on his self-portrait for his documentation binder. What does he see when he looks in the mirror at himself?


Ken kindly helps Sloan put on her pinnie to go to the playground. Even though it takes more time, we encourage children to help each other with these types of tasks.


The Eagles have their first walk along the road so we spend lots of time talking about road safety.


Kate takes a few minutes to begin the discussion about ‘stick safety”. It is virtually impossible to not have sticks at Nature School so it is all about education and how to use them safely.

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