From the Heart

It is with both a joyful and heavy heart that I write the last blog post for this year. My feelings are deep, rich, and intertwined with moments that will never fade. The children that have been under our care for the past two years are children that will never be forgotten. Along with their parents, they were the forerunners of this program. This is something to be commended and celebrated!

Thinking back to our beginning days in the Red Barn, we really had a lot to learn. From the small details of where to hang our belongings in a place with no cubbies to the bathroom visits to walking on this expansive land safely, our team spent hours thinking, talking, and making changes to try to make the program safe and engaging.  But what we did not need to learn to do was to love– this is something we all know how to do and always do, each and every day. I believe it is this very love that brought us to where we are now. It supported us though our challenges, our moments of uncertainty and guided us to stay true to our beliefs and values.

I think it is this very same love that allowed the children to explore this new place with confidence and trust. Despite our ever changing rules and schedules, they knew that we were there for them- to make sure their bodies were safe, that we could help support their emotional development, and provide them with engaging activities as they navigated through the gems of Terra Nova.

Together we grew and we are so grateful to the parents and children for believing in us and making this school a most special place for us all. We are honoured to be part of your children’s lives- from deep in our hearts, thank you!

Please know that if your child is moving onto kindergarten, you will always be a part of our Nature School family- you are forever welcome. Our lives have been mutually impacted by each other; let this stay with us as we cycle through to our next journey.

‘Till the next time,