Cherishing Each Day

I guess it is the deep down knowing that time is passing ever so quickly and we only have a short time left in our year together that has made each moment seem all the more precious. I have been, and I see it on the faces of my colleagues, cherishing each moment; the inevitable chaos of working with young children is loved and revered. Their laughter, ideas, theories, and struggles are all respected and adored. Look at these photos with love and warmth as we have, your heart will sing!


Using the tubes to communicate was not in the plan; which is exactly what makes emergent curriculum so exciting! Zoë and Ludwig find themselves in hysterics as they hear each other’s voices through the tube. We have been looking at water going through tubes; how will this develop their thinking about things being transported. Do they wonder about how people hear each other on cell phones? What else do they wonder about?


Tricia played a float and sink game at gathering circle. She leaves it out for children to experiment. Nicholas and Finn discuss ideas around what floats & sinks, connecting some of the pieces together. Finn’s scientific mind supports Nicholas’s curiousity.


Levi brings in a special art project he made at home; an egg carton collection box, with adorable sketches of suggested natural items to collect. We invite him to use it during class and share his findings with his friends.


Ibrahim loves to water the garden, look at his stance! Aside from the sheer delight of water spraying out of the hose, he is also learning about the plants that are growing and how to care for them. We discuss the parts of the plant as we learn that too strong a force of water can be damaging. Learning information in this hands-on way is so meaningful. Will he want to take care of his plants at home?


Annabelle invites Kate to share a moment in her pretend journey. When adults go into the imaginary world of children it supports further creative expression of play and builds trust.


Ken and Ty explore the nuts n’ bolts activity presented by Lia, our practicum student. Will they pass each other pieces to see if they fit? Will they look for these parts in their own daily lives, now knowing how to put them together?


Elsa and Ayleen delight in running up and down the ever depleting mound of soil with hoola hoops. The hoops add the challenge of figuring out how to manoeuvre one’s body to stay standing while in the ring.


Keaton invites friends to hop in the wagon for a ride. Elsa gleefully accepts and it seems like she could stay here all day!


When the teachers forget containers then children must make their own resources!


Ella and Alison enjoy playing with water and gravel, pretending to serve food, cakes and other delights. This is the first time they have used water from these containers for a play experience; the novelty is exciting!


Saving the earth, one slug at a time. Ella is the resident ‘slug saver’ as she picks up the slugs and moves them to the grassy area. The others point out every slug they see. What a great example of respecting all creatures.


Zoliekha takes great interest in Zoë’s work as she colours in her entire page and then cuts out designs. Having work validated by someone is very affirming. It shows that ideas are respected and important; art is such a wonderful expression of one’s ideas.


Experimenting with glue- how does it swirl off the glue stick? What happens if I hold the stick up high? How much glue do I need? How can I have more control? Shall I make a swirly design or try to make straight lines? How does it feel on my finger? Are these some of the questions that Hayden and Zoya are asking themselves? What else are they thinking about during this activity?


By Finn…

‘Till the next post,