It’s the Small Moments

One moment in time together; that’s all we really need to make a day happy and complete. A shared laugh, a hug after a tumble, a shared interest in a buttercup, a planting of a bean, a pretend adventure, an unspoken understanding of an event, a reconciliation after a disagreement, a shared idea– this week, and every week, we are fulfilled by these moments together. Moments between children, children and educators, children and parents, educators and parents and educators and educators. Enjoy your daily moments; it is a great way to live isn’t it?

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing mamas!


A beautiful moment between Zoë and Andy. Andy offers her a bouquet of buttercups.


Throwing rocks into a hoola hoop, getting ready for learning how to play hop scotch. It is interesting to watch children change the rules to better their chances of a good shot. The stick keeps moving closer and closer to the target.


Araceli spends a long time on this drawing and is very proud of her work. Look at the smile on her drawing- surely this reflects her emotional state, happy and joyous.


Ariel’s family donated some strawberry plants so the Owls are placing them into the new beds. Learning how to work together in a small gardening space is tricky and these children have a much clearer understanding of sharing space together than they did earlier in the year.


Kate has been working hard in her own family garden and shares her joy with these Eagles. Connecting children to our own lives is something we value and support at Nature School. How can we continue to build on these connections?


Last week I read a book titled “The Beeman”. The Owls were very interested in the story, especially the bee keeping equipment. Here I am showing them the smoker- it is not only interesting to look at but smells amazing!


Making cakes out of grass- all sorts of flavours from strawberry to chocolate to vanilla. I love the imagination seen during these play experiences. It is apparent that children’s play is naturally open ended and they really need very little materials in order to create.


Ayleen enjoys humouring everyone with the sieve on her head. Developing her sense of humour is a good way for Ayleen to connect to her friends in the class.


Will and Cyrus demonstrate good coordination with a simple game of toss the ball.


The Owls work on their Mother Day gifts in the Studio. What is their understanding of this day? How will they celebrate with their families?


Jumping, exploring, getting prickled ( look at Ty checking his wrist) –being in nature is great!


Part of gardening is participating in all the chores, not just the planting and harvesting. Tyler watches me use the adult wheelbarrow and then mimics exactly what I do to get the soil out. I find this amazing! His friends are there to help him.


Ella builds this tower, hoping it doesn’t tip over during the building process. She is working with stillness and focus.


Finn really wants to identify this tree and spends several days looking it up in the field guide.


Tricia plays a finger game with William; this quiet time develops their relationship. Will William teach this to someone else?


Maliya is interested in a plant so Heidi helps her to figure out what it might be.


Barry and Ariel investigate the buds on a plum tree. Barry’s knowledge combined with Ariel’s curiosity make for a shared learning moment.


Pirates on a boat!


Making a couscous salad with feta; many children helped with this project and everyone tried it.


Using the bees to create family stories– daddy bees, mommy bees and baby bees. Damon and Mason make sense of their world and relationships through this play.


Nicole is captivated by a specimen of a bee in a jar. What is it that is so interesting to her? Last year she also was very curious about bees- I need to spend some more time with her to find out where this can go for her.


Positively and utterly lovely!

‘Till the next post,