Refreshed; rejuvenated; invigorated; restored; we all had a needed and healthy break from school but now we are more than ready to be back. It was a splendid week with sun shining on us as we all got back into the groove of living and learning together.


Kaya, Hannah, Ella and Nell missed each other and are so happy to be together again, even if being together can sometimes be hard!


Jason and Barry have a playful laugh together. This one moment between them will change their future interactions- what will they play next time they are together?


The Eagles get right back into the swing of things and set up their own hand washing station.


Captivated by a snail, Ty, Jason, Miles and Esuh try to watch it move, make a home for it and think about how it gets its shell.


William’s family kindly stripped some wire for us so Kate invites the children to explore wire and see what it can do. It is important to introduce new materials to the children without having an end goal.


Misuzu helps the Owls at the water colour table; water colours have some unique qualities that make them interesting to use.



Kingston needs passengers! He is not sure show to get them though; he calls out in a quiet voice but no one hears. He looks around but everyone is busy. He is now waiting. Soon, after this photo, a child comes to sit with him on his train.


Ariel and Maliya explore some beading techniques with Tricia.


Finn shows everyone his loose tooth! Exciting!



The Eagles sketch “Mary’s Barn”. Prior to drawing we share ideas about what shapes we see, what lines we notice and dimension.


Mary’s Barn–the new barn for the Sharing Farm


Ty and Ezra spend a long time beading, making patterns and working carefully to get the right colour on the string.


Ludwig and Zoë have so much fun filling and dumping the eggs. They find the idea of hiding something in there mysterious and funny as they go around the room showing their friends.


Ibrahim, Yohan and Rafe weed the garden, looking for worms and insects.


Annabelle makes a cozy bed for herself- she has done this before; I love that she sets up home for herself and defines her space.


Big block negotiations between Cyrus and Ibrahim.


Pastel and watercolours interest Lorraine and Ariel as they work quietly alongside each other.


Levi, Ayleen and Yohan spend a long long time in the garden, endlessly intrigued by the soil and its offering of worms, spiders and wood bugs.


Keaton and Hayden asked for their photo to be taken- adorable!


Ian and Ella are partners, investigating the changes around them at Muddy Hill. We invite them to ‘notice’.


Damian records Brianna’s observation on paper. Learning how to document and record is an important life long lesson.


Esuh and Nell look closely at the buds on the tree; how do they look different from last time we were here?

‘Till the next post,