In Awe…

I am in awe of these children! Weather wise, it was our toughest week. The rain pelted down upon us as walked, ran, skipped, jumped (through and IN the puddles), played games, ate snack, learned about the animals on the land and pretended all sorts of imaginary scenarios. And yet, these children barely complained or commented on the fact that we were all dripping wet! I heard conversation and laughter and questions and answers. They are strong, resilient and hearty; hurray for our Nature School kids! Of course, in looking through the photos this week, most are indoor shots as my camera is not waterproof.



Mason spends a long time placing the colour samples on his paper, carefully organizing them until they are just right. It is interesting that he choses to use them upside down, rather than on the side with the colour.





Andy is determined to fit all the gold beads into this cone and works for a long time trying to figure a way to do it! Why is he wanting to hide them? Will he surprise his friends, like a magic trick, or keep them hidden as a secret for himself or use them in a game?

We were in the right place at the right time! As we walked back from the beaver dam, we were most graciously offered empty sea urchin shells from Mr Ian Lai and the culinary students from Northwest Culinary Academy. Of course, who would decline such a gift?  So off we toddled with the tray in our hands. Despite the fact that I knew what they were, I wanted the children to have a chance to explore their ideas about this most unusual looking creature before telling them what it was. Conversations amongst ourselves were interesting so we brought them back to the class. Below are some of their thoughts and a couple of sketches of the “puffer fish’.


The Owls trek all the way to beaver dam on a very rainy afternoon!





The Eagles are busy in tree tunnel as they build forts and pirate ships!









Maliya appears to be slightly nervous about climbing over this log as it is slippery from the rain. She continues on and makes it over. We all know that little voice inside our heads that is saying “be careful” and yet also says “keep going”. I am impressed with her courage to work through this moment.


Carrie, our newest volunteer, takes time to look at the field guides with Nika and Owen. The value in this time together is not only about learning names of animals or plants but more about a chance to build relationship through learning. By taking time with each child we show them that we care about them enough to listen to them and exchange ideas. We appreciate the involvement of volunteers so much!

‘Till the next post,