Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2016! A dear friend of mine gave me a special gift; a small jar with strips of paper with one word written on each piece. Each day, for the month of January, I pull one word out for that day. So far I have pulled out “enthusiasm, strength, unique, breeze, perspective, learning, friendship, connection and vision”. I really like the idea of a word weaving throughout my day- it sets an intention, a pathway.

Influenced by this thought,  when I looked at the photos from this week my mind immediately chose a word: happy. We say Happy New Year for the first few weeks of January and then we stop. But really, we should keep going. We should wish for happiness each day- maybe not all day but most of it. When I look at the faces of these children, I see happiness. I see smiles and hear laughter. Most of the time.

Long ago, another friend of mine shared his philosophy of life with me; we can choose how we feel about things. This concept has remained with me over the years and I try my best to live by it and have often shared this idea with the children in my care because I believe they too are capable of choosing how they feel about something. So, I choose to be happy, as much as I can… I invite you to do the same. Happy today and tomorrow and all days to come. Smile as you see these little people enjoying their time together at Nature School!


It doesn’t take much snow to make snow angels. Snow is so alluring- we all love it! There is something so magical about snow. I found it interesting that later in the day, when the snow had melted, I did not hear any children ask why it had disappeared. 












The Eagles share their reflections from their 3 minute sit spot session. Most comments relate to sound ( birds, airplanes). We wonder how to encourage different sensory awareness; something we will focus on next time.





Lorraine, Jason and our new friend, Mia, have fun exploring bubbles. Jason wipes his mouth, after putting the wand directly to his lip. We learn by doing!


Sit spots-Owls and Eagles take time to be with themselves.




‘Till the next post,