Lots of Water Falling from the Sky

The rain pelted down at times, the wind howled strongly but honestly that did not stop these resilient and tough Nature School children from having fun outside. The weather tested us and we passed! These children are amazing, playing without complaint and saying good morning to the rain, clouds and wind each day. Perhaps they don’t complain because they know it is futile but we are hoping it is more because they love being outside no matter what. They also know that rain brings us gifts, like huge pools of water that far surpass the delights of a regular preschool indoor water table! Rain brings new adventures- rolling balls through puddles, pulling long grasses across the top of the water, throwing pebbles in the puddles to hear the sound and see the impression… really, it brings endless delights!


This little “lake” near our sitting stumps is so inviting that it is virtually impossible to stop anyone from going in (and why would we want to!). For several days children trudge through the soft, mucky bottom, feeling the water against their legs and overflowing above their boot line. Needless to say, we have very wet socks and boots! Lots of laundry for our Nature School parents this week!


Araceli uses a paint brush and water to paint the posts in the Healing Garden.Here she notices the brush gets muddy when she puts the brush in the water.



An art project using chalk. The paper gets too wet so we let go of any ideas about keeping the work. Talk about process versus product- no product here!


Led by Finn, the Owls make a big pot of soup. Finn asks his friends to go get “broccoli, carrots, and potatoes.”



Ty gently helps Tyler get on his pinnie. Did Ty learn this from his older siblings?


The Eagles investigate a fish skeleton which they have been noticing for some time.


Ludwig is daring and feels like a challenge! He makes it almost all the way to the end by himself, with a tiny helping hand at the end. This success will give him confidence for next time.


Ayleen and Nicholas enjoy being together and playing quietly as they scoop and pour gravel. Isn’t it wonderful to play along side someone without feeling the need to be make idle conversation? 



This photo needs sound- huge laughter can be heard as Nell and Ken blow and pop bubbles together.




Keaton and Conor weave in and out of playing together and then playing on their own. It is interesting how fluid child’s play can be: they seem to be very comfortable with flowing in and out of play. Our adult expectations differ this way; we usually don’t just leave a social moment without a recognition that we are leaving. When does this change?


Parent helpers help with our holiday craft. Parents support the program in so many ways- thanks!


Learning the game of driedl as we celebrate Hanukkah. Of course, we play with beans instead of coins!

Nicole’s father shared the story of Hanukkah and lit the menorah with the Eagles. Nicole was thrilled to have her father in the program and we all learned a lot about this special holiday.


A reprieve from the rain… a perfect little hiding spot!

‘Till the next post,