Slowing Down

Slowing down; we try to do just that each day. The background work of course is not slow- how can it be when there are many children and families to think about, program planning to be done, housekeeping in the Cottage to upkeep, documentation to be organized and written, ideas to be shared and implemented and future goals to be addressed? So, yes we work with a certain energy and speed when off the floor. But on the floor is another story. We do our best to work slowly- that does not mean not getting things done that are important to the daily program of course but it does mean knowing that each moment is important and the next moment is not any more important than the very one you are in. Enjoy the moment, seize the opportunity without rushing to the next one. We work at this each and every day. And, dare I say, I think we are all getting better at it? Knowing how busy the next two weeks are before the holiday break, we shall be extra mindful of slowing down.


After finding a stick amongst the leaves and grasses, Tyler investigates the bark of this tree to see if the “stick came from here.”


Ashton, Damon and Mason are playing ‘bad guys’. This type of play leads to many discussions between teachers and students and within our own teaching team. How can we support this important play and yet ensure it is appropriate and respectful to the group?


Misuzu and Brianna share a laugh in the sunshine. Having many positive role models in a child’s life is so important. We are so fortunate to have Misuzu with us at Nature School!


The Eagles try to be as quiet as possible to catch a glimpse of the ever so quick hummingbird.


Ezra writes his name next to his superhero. He is proud of his work. Chalkboards pose interesting challenges as the images must be erased. Unlike other art work, most children seem to accept this fate and erase their work without complaint.










Ty being his loving self after just falling into this smelly ditch!



Ken and Mason take a moment out of their day to look through their documentation binders.


Barry helps Andy glue the painted treasures onto paper which will be framed and put up at Thompson Community Centre for the holiday season.

The Owls have a lot to say to each other at snack time….


We were fortunate to have both buddy classes visit this week. The Quilchena buddies played a vegetable identification game and made japchae noodles to share. The Thompson buddies gulped down some hot chocolate, looked for leaves and branches on the way to the Healing Garden where they enjoyed songs and stories together. Thank you big buddies for being so patient and kind with our little buddies!  (sorry no photos due to photo release)





Another day on “Muddy Hill’. It is one of the favourite places on the land as it has not only the hill but a secret little forest area as well. Coming down the hill requires a lot of muscle control, especially when slippery!

‘Till the next post,