Looking Around

Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe it was the settled feeling I had this week, maybe it was just me looking around attentively, but there were so many moments this week when I was literally overcome with appreciation– for this land, these children, our team, the Cottage and our partners. We are so very blessed to be part of this experience! Each day brings new learning, unique moments and lots and lots of laughter.


Andy is very interested in the typewriter; he plays with the dial that changes the ribbon colour. He asks me why it isn’t printing (it was white). What will he do with this information next time he uses it?


After first banging hard on the mac tac and yarn board, Mason and Mason settle into more detailed work as they create designs with the yarn.


Ayleen first moves the sand around with her finger tips but soon finds the image card and re-creates the circular design.


Chalk, chalkboard and letters-Ella is intrigued and spends about 20 solid minutes here, going through different letters and writing words. Children have a natural interest in the written word; when they are ready and the provocations are enticing, they will begin to engage in this type of literacy.


Ian and Ashton have fun working beside each other in the sand tray. Both generally quiet, this sensory experience incites laughter- so wonderful!


The tricky game of balancing moneys on a tree challenges Avery and Hayden to use their math skills and think about physics.


Will collects the hoola hoops and discovers delight in trying to walk with them around his body. What is about putting our bodies inside things that is so fun?


During the wind storm, this group decides to lay down and watch the trees blowing in the forceful wind ( note: we were in a safe place and not at risk of a branch falling on us!) I love their interest and appreciation of the natural world.


Damian, Kaya and Ella seek out the challenges of crossing this small ditch with their feet straddled on the planks. They are developing balance and muscle strength.


A hot chocolate on a chilly day- so comforting, especially on a  padding of soft leaves. Miles relaxes and enjoys his drink on his sit spot.


Nicole writes a story and is eager to share it with the whole group of Eagles. This is a huge step for her and reveals confidence and bravado. Her friends are politely attentive.


Ibrahim has fun splashing in puddles, not caring if he gets wet at all! He seeks out the experience of cause and effect as he jumps hard in the water to get a big splash.



Ty takes out his documentation binder and invites Andy to look at it with him. He starts at the beginning, telling Andy the stories. Looking back on our own work is so important and I am thrilled Ty is finding value in his own reflective process.


Emergency drill week! We are practicing getting out of the building quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. It is always tricky to discuss thess potential situations as we do not want to spark fear but we do need to be prepared.


Coincidentally, it was also time to check our sprinklers and fire alarms. This opened up the door for more discussions- how lucky!


Getting ready to make hot cocoa on our Coleman stove.


Ezra and Ty are working on a story character.


The Eagles act out Stone Soup- they love this story and it will be fun to see where it goes next week.


Completely enraptured with the beautiful frost, these Eagles cherish the white, the cold and designs. Each child commented on its beauty.

‘Till the next post,