Finding… this is something we do everyday, both in a concrete sense and an abstract one. We find treasures from the land- branches, feathers, stones, vegetables, grass stalks, clovers and many other gifts. But we also find other things like knowledge of the land and an awareness of ourselves. Each day our work encompasses finding out new things about ourselves and the community of people we are here with in this place.

Our children find out new things about themselves each day- what they are interested in, what they like, what they don’t like, what they know, what they don’t know, what excites and elates them, what makes them angry and bored- finding out lots about themselves! They are most likely unaware of these daily findings but they are undoubtedly there.

Through discussion, reading and reflection, our teaching team is also finding new ways of being and doing. It is exciting, invigorating and daunting all at the same time. Is this how our children feel? Are you finding new things each day in your own life and work?


Parents volunteer to move wood chips to our garden pathways. I think they find this ‘new to them’ kind of work invigorating because they come back for a second day! Thanks!


More help in the garden thanks to Ken’s dad for finding the time to make this happen in his day.


Nicole and Zoe find themselves in awe of Mile’s athleticism. Miles is finding a new way to jump over this ditch.


Ella excitedly identifies Mountain Ash Berry, something she has been learning in her small group work. She is finding new knowledge and the ability to use it in the real world.


Mason D, Mason S and Andy find something that captivates their attention. They find themselves wondering what it is, maybe a “secret pipe” says Andy.


Heidi teaches the Eagles class a new game to play the next day with our buddies. Heidi wonders if this game will work and she finds that the children understand the concept and are able to play. She finds that they are ready for games with rules. Now she will search to find other age appropriate games.


Kaya and Ella find themselves perched on this rock, beginning to develop a new friendship. They find that they must use the crevices in the rock to use as support as they lift up their leg. They find they must utilize their arm strength to hoist themselves up to the top.


Mason D holds the tap down for Brianna so she can wash her hands. He finds that he can be a helper in the class, even though he is on the younger side of the group. Brianna finds that her classmates are helpful and caring.


Owen, Maliya, Abby and Cyrus find themselves exploring in the tall grasses. They find the grass “tickly” and “pointy”. They find that even though it is tall and there are no pathways, their own bodies can make a path.


The Owls find a way to sit comfortably and draw what they see in front of them. They search to find what they want to focus on- the water, an airplane, the buildings across the water or the beautiful mountains in the distance.


Avery finds ways to attach the rope to the tree. She finds that it is too loose and falls down to the base of the trunk. Will she find a new way to secure the rope?


Finding new things to bring in to provoke the children’s thinking and imagination is always in Kate’s mind. Here she is showing Hayden and the other Owl group brussels sprouts on a stalk, something they have likely not seen before.


Hannah finds this tree “so cute” and proceeds to kiss it. She is finding herself connecting with nature in an intimate way.


The Owls find themselves waiting for the rest of the group. Learning to wait is hard… really hard… but we are a team and a team sticks together! They find they are discovering what it means to look out for one another.


Thea and Rafe find that if they squeeze the pipette then liquid is captured in the tube. and then can be released. They find if they mix all the colours, the tones and shades begin to blend together.


Jason and Lorraine play with water and turtles. They find that if they cover up the turtles with rocks, they can play a fun game together. They find ways to take turns in the tub, respecting each other’s turn.


Zoya and Maliya find themselves beside each other, both exploring in their own way. They find they prefer to work in silence and independent of each other at this time.

‘Till the next post,