Exploring our Land


Brianna and her friends are learning how to walk through areas with dense forest without getting branches in their eyes.


The new Owls find the remnants of a bridge built by the children last year. Avery relies on Kate for support as she crosses the gap. Balancing on a thin branch requires great concentration and control. What will Avery’s next experience on this bridge be?


Nathan and Zoe take on the responsibility of laying out the tarp for snack. Figuring out how far to pull on each end in order to make it flat- this is not easy!


Alison finds bark and decides it is the perfect camera. She asks me to pose for a photograph. Isn’t this absolutely marvellous? What attribute make Alison relate this to a camera- the rectangular shape? The small hole in the bark as a viewer? So creative!


Nika is getting ready to pick grass to put into her bucket but she is more interested in the play going on in front of her. Watching others play is important for children’s development as they analyze the social information that they are observing through others.


Usually birthdays are celebrated outside but with the rainy start to the day we decided to enjoy Kaya’s birthday song indoors. Honouring birthdays with a unique song, candle and baby picture is part of our TNNS ritual.


Sensing we need a rest from walking, Kate captivates the children’s attention with a story called “Mud Puddle” by Robert Munsch. Oral storytelling has high learning value as it weaves together history, imagination and develops community.


Tricia helps Keaton  put on her heavy knapsack. This simple gesture is so lovely as it speaks to Tricia’s ability to respond to Keaton’s needs at that moment and helps to develop relationship. As educators, we are constantly searching for ways to connect with children and find what makes them happy.


This small Eagle group notices the lean- to from last week and collectively make a plan to try to make it ‘bigger’. However, this work did not take place and they moved on to pretend play in another shelter. It is interesting to watch children as they flow in and out of play; what motivates them to continue on a certain thread or to let it dissolve?


Making scalloped potatoes with spuds from our garden!


I am teaching the children how to make a roux to make a béchamel sauce. Introducing children to new words and concepts is important. The belief that children are capable learners is inherent in everything we do here at Nature School. Will they remember some of these steps next time they want to make mac n’ cheese or these potatoes again?


Decadent and delicious! Most children enjoyed the recipe.


Brianna and Alison enjoy a cup of tea together. Dressing up and pretending real life experiences help children to understand the world around them.


Ludwig quietly figures out how to loop the string around the nails to form a pattern. This activity develops fine motor skills and invites thinking about mathematical foundations, as he begins to understand shapes and design.


Using what is available to us, the Owls plunk down on the pathway and make ‘snow’ angels! Who needs snow anyway?


Enjoying a simple art project, The Owls are focused on their work. Open ended art leads to experimentation and creativity. Some children are more interested in the glue itself while others gravitate towards creating a design out of the seeds.


Misuzu, our awesome volunteer in the Eagles class, shares her ukulele with the class. We all enjoy a sing along as we eat snack. Thanks Misuzu!


Scarlet Runner Beans in their pod.


Scarlet Runner Beans out of the pod. Their beauty is astounding, isn’t it?


Ty and Damain work together to complete this challenging puzzle. They have found a balance between themselves, learning how to give and take.


The Eagles develop many theories about the holes they notice. One guess was a rat, one guess an airplane ( which was quickly dismissed by the others), another guess a rhino and yet another, a rabbit. By not giving answers to all their questions, we allow space for children to wonder and develop their own theories.


Look closely and you shall find new things. Owen discovers a small little bridge that we have never seen before. Soon, many children want to try this new path.


Ashton starts the puzzle and is soon joined by the others. They quickly see value in working in a team.


The Owls paint various found berries and leaves at the Healing Garden.

IMG_8016 IMG_8018


Nicole hauls wood chips from the pile to the garden pathways. Maneuvering a wheel barrow is tricky work!

‘Till the next post,