Walking with Ease

It was a splendid week indeed as we begin to feel more settled into each other’s rhythms and Nature School routines. Slowly we can see the new students breathe easier as they become more familiar with everything. The returning students are exploring who they have grown into over the summer and re-establishing their old friendships as well as making new ones. it is an exciting time for us all here at TNNS! Each day this week brought sunshine and warm weather so there was almost all outdoor time; lots of planting the over wintering vegetables and grains (fava beans, garlic, winter rye, red spring wheat), games, walks, art, water wall play and collecting leaves.


Safety on the land is of utmost importance and we spend a lot of time in the beginning of the year discussing safety. Here, Kate is speaking to the Eagle group about eating berries.


Kale, kale, kale- we have lots in our garden so we make a kale salad. We all taste a leaf to check for seasoning, which they determine is “just right”.


Annabelle is curious about the window blocks. This particular one has small bird feathers. Placing interesting objects around the room creates curiosity and wonder. What is Annabellle thinking when she peers inside?


A beautiful moment between Nicole and Damon. Damon is hesitant about going into the field and Nicole is gently supporting his transition over to the grasses.


Andy and Ian enjoy working with play dough and sticks. They share their creations and stories with each other. Ian created these mounds several times this week- it is interesting to watch children re-create the same idea repeatedly. What about this structure is important to Ian?


The Owls group is invited to paint our fall crops. ” Still Life” paintings develop observation skills and promote discussion.


Zoya discovers that if too much paint is put on one area, the paper rips! She enjoys watching the colours mix and is learning how to control her brush.


From our garden.


William and Will (this is not a typo!) concentrate as they try to balance the bean bags on top of their heads while walking. Balancing games such as these promote focus, motor coordination and body awareness.


Conor, Esuh and Finn become confident and walk “even faster”!


Emily shows her small group a stem from a wheat plant. They see where the wheat kernel comes from, how it grows and soon, how it can be processed.


Andy discovers this lean- to shelter made by the older children in our Beyond 4 Walls class. Forts are so captivating- somehow one feels like something special is going on in there.


Ayleen looks on with interest as Connor announces he has discovered a log ‘filled with bugs”. Connor’s gentle instincts are much appreciated as we teach children to be respectful and kind to all living things.


In the corner of this photograph, you can see Nicholas pointing to the mushroom patch. He navigates us to this area as he remembers coming here with his grandparent; this is amazing! We enjoy looking at the mushrooms but our rule at Nature School is we never, EVER, touch or taste a mushroom.


A fallen log provides a perfect balance beam for Araceli. She falls off several times but perseveres through the challenge.


Kate’s small group collected berries, mashed them and used them as paint earlier in the week. Luckily, there was some left over so all the Eagles had a chance to paint with this unique mixture!

‘Till the next post,