New Groupings


William and Jack transport the outdoor blocks from the south end to the north end of the farm. They work hard to balance the wheelbarrows and negotiate the bumpy pathways.

We had a very fun week, filled with some new discoveries and nuances. After our staff meeting last week, we decided to break out into smaller groups several times per week. Each group explored areas and topics that were of interest to them and important for their stage of development. Throughout the week, each group of children had many opportunities to work together in small groups to build relationships amongst themselves, work collaboratively on projects and hear new perspectives. Dividing into smaller groups was very informative for us and we watched in awe as children challenged themselves in novel ways. New friendships were formed and interestingly, these friendships then carried over when we got together as a whole group.


Happy to help out, Ty proudly pushes a “big load”.


The Eagles put in a team effort to move the blocks. This task was a big learning experience. How can we all work together? What if someone takes the piece I want to carry? How long until I can use the wheelbarrow? This block is heavier than I thought. It is hard to carry a block with someone- we have to walk at the same pace. A simple activity with HUGE learning outcomes.


The Owls did their fair share of the load in the afternoon. Here we see the group trying to figure out how to place the larger blocks so they can fit on the wagon– math and physics!


Nikolas is sketching a tree. He pays great attention to detail., trying to capture the line variations in the bark. Valarie and Ryan compliment him on his drawing.


This small group works on their tree inquiry, using clay to represent trees. Working outside presented new challenges, with a slight mist in the air wetting the clay. The children also bring the clay to the tree trunks and start to make imprints of the bark.













For something different, we all work with clay at the same time, each child making their own tree based on observations, photographs, and field guides. Children are encouraged to use their experiences to share their knowledge of trees.


We investigate different types of trees. This tree has “spiky things” according to Kingston. Children are looking closely at the different attributes of trees from trunks to leaf structure to buds.

Image 3

Kate gently supports Sophia and Anna as they tread gingerly across the planks. Anna is instinctually using her arms and hands to increase her balance.

Image 5

Carefully balancing on the bridge, Alex tests his equilibrium.










Image 9

Aiden enjoys a playful moment amongst the grasses. Is he pretending something? Is he simply enjoying the feeling of being protected by the natural elements around him? Is someone else stalking him in a game of hide n’ seek? 




Image 10

Running through tall grass is truly a joy of childhood as seen by Finn’s facial expression. There is a sense of secrecy and the unknown. 











Cyrus, hair wet and tousled from the rain, enjoys coming inside to the cozy cottage to experiment with patterns on the peg board.


Heidi works with her small group in the Studio as a continuation from their work outside. They are telling a story; learning about characters, setting and dialogue.


Haymie and Mason hold hands- at what point in a relationship do we feel it is safe to hold hands with another? It is such a gentle and comforting gesture, isn’t it?

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