Everywhere We Turn…

Everywhere we turn is a learning opportunity. If children are permitted time to explore and problem solve, then learning can take place each and every moment. One area we have noticed a lot of learning is in our change pod– yes, it is indeed a little chaotic and congested at times but if one approaches the whole changing transition with a little patience and a LOT of humour, one will discover there are hidden gems inside this small, organized space. Children are learning to care for themselves and each other. Questions posed to them regularly are ” Where do you think you should put your wet muddy buddies so you can find them later?”, “You have very wet socks– what should you do to make sure your feet are warm?”,  “Your friend is having trouble pulling off their boots. Is there some way you can help him?” The pod has been home to much laughter and tears- just like any other room in a home. We are cherishing these chances for learning!


Nell and Ryan try to pull Ty out of his storage bin.


Nicole is learning how to keep track of all her belongings.


At first Dimitri said he could not put on his own socks but with some time, he did it all by himself!

Other learning moments in our week…


Louie and Alison cut up garlic for our homemade scarlet runner bean hummus.


Olina and Claire cut pita bread into triangles to make pita chips.



Sophia grinds pepper into the hummus. “Turning the top part is tricky while holding the bottom part still.”











Elisia and Ella find a bird’s nest. Ella ponders what kind of bird this might belong to.


Joel and Cyrus pile into the wagon, a new moment in their relationship. Will this be the start of a budding friendship?


Thinking about the apple tree from last week, the Eagles are wondering about what fruit this tree might produce. They also wonder about climbing the tree but after an attempt, Ethan remarked “The branches are not strong enough.”


Andy, Nicole and Ethan noticed this tree has a broken branch. They are in the process of repairing it.


Nell finds a stick which quickly becomes a fishing rod. Her imagination running strong, she sings songs, catches fish and shares laughs with Valarie!


Haymie and William experiment with balance as they build a tower with the smallest pieces on the bottom. 


Building a scene of volcanos and fire, Mason uses his creative mind to develop a storyline. 










Brotherly love- Nikolas and Dimitri work together to carry a bucket of soil.


Peter, a City of Richmond arborist and gardener, spontaneously gifts us a beautiful jasmine to plant near our shed. The children watch as he clears room for the plant. Meeting people in our community is important and life changing.


The Eagles help clear the shed! Children love to help with chores and learn how to work through a task.


Yup, we are a bunch of ‘tree huggers” alright! Ty and Nicole love this tree! I would say being out in nature is making strong connections, wouldn’t you?

‘Till the next post,