A New Level of Comfort

In thinking about our conversations and various moments this week, it seems to me that we are all moving into a new stage in our relationships. Our children seem more comfortable- with each other, with us, and with the land. They are taking risks in all of these areas and it is a joy to see. Children are feeling brave about sharing their ideas and feelings, pushing their own physical limits and reaching out to others in new ways.

We teachers are feeling a shift as well. The logistics of how we all move around this vast space, how we all move in our small changing area and how we all move in the Cottage are now fairly established and smooth. Now we can focus on building our relationships, curriculum development and dive deep into inquiries that emerge. At our staff meeting, we all became very excited as we realized that we are in this new place.


Alison loves this snowberry plant. She is adamant that it is a mushroom plant. She tells several children that walk by that it grows mushrooms. Her brother disagrees and says it is a popcorn plant.


The Owl class starts piling up on the cabbage bench so why not take a class picture?


Joel finds a comfortable bed within the leaf filled ditch. Is he attracted to the feel, the sound of the crunching leaves or the cool air?


The Owls play a game “Find a Post” with Heidi. They are learning how to walk safely along the parking lot driveway.












Exploring the tall grass is exciting- what lies ahead? Playing with hidden elements is novel and creates anticipation.


Clayten and Ella bond this week. Here they are uncovering ” a dinosaur bone”.


Louie’s friends help pull him from the ditch. They are learning how to work together as a team.










William finds a quiet moments to himself to work on a drawing. He is learning how to respect his own needs and take a break from the active group.


Joel and Aiden build an airplane, taking time to figure out how to balance the wings.


The Eagles enjoy snack outdoors each day. They are learning how ‘to go with the flow’ and adapt to the world around them.


Tia and Claire are curious about Mr Lai’s compost bin so I ask if they would like the lid opened. Once open, they touch newly added coffee grounds. A very sensorial experience-it smells amazing


A child made fort-a perfect spot to enjoy snack!











Alex realized that a cut out in the wooden leg fits snugly against the planter box. This type of problem solving takes time and is very valuable for later construction projects.


Wyatt makes a home, marking and decorating it to make it his own.


Charleigh and Sophia make a cake. They are using their imagination and developing their cooperative playing skills








The apple tree in our front yard (remnants of the orchard that was here many years ago) gifts beautiful apples. The children spot one left, hanging high above their heads. Together, they brainstorm strategies to get it down, working as a team.


Tia is scouting out the apple-how to get it down?











Ethan knocks down the apple and is very excited (although in this picture Ty is holding the apple and seems the more jubilant)

‘Till the next post,