Each Moment is Appreciated.

Looking back on our week,  there was not one particular day, activity or event that stands out. Our week was a series of moments, as they always are, and we educators are taking each one and finding its value. We also spend time dialoguing about how to connect these moments into meaningful learning opportunities for our children. Scroll through to see some of our moments:


We walked far, really far to discover this new place. The children learn how to throw sticks into the water without compromising the safety of others.


More print tracking.


Nell and Andy have a spontaneous encounter of pretend play on this fallen tree- it is a spaceship.










This tree becomes an unnamed method of transportation. Children explore balance, spatial awareness and cooperation.


The Owl class is having fun with new loose parts- bowls, spoons, tea cups and tubes. We see both social and solitary play- each important for children’s development.


Anna-Sophia, Jasmine and Thomas stir the pebbles, engaging in pretend play.


Jack figures out that this spatula can move the pebbles into piles easily. Thomas joins in after watching for a while.










The children arrived on a frosty morning and were completely captivated by the ice. Here Tia is taking time to investigate the ice, wondering about how it forms and using a tool to break through its surface.




Max, Rylan and Claire enjoy each other’s company as they negotiate their own balance with that of their friends.


Rylan and Teacher Emily stand on a rock and play with shadows, pretending to be Great Blue Herons.











Miles takes care of his baby, revealing his caring and nurturing self. Lovely!



Birds, birds and more birds. The farm is home to many birds and we are learning to identify them and appreciate their differences. The Studio is a place for children to explore their ideas and connect their learning threads.









Cuddling up his baby and using a soft voice, Andy is taking time to develop his skills as a caregiver.



Nicole plays with fire-she uses the pieces in a multitude of ways; creating new stories each time.












Ty and Nell share giggles as they do this puzzle many times over.











Damian fills the tea pot with pom poms. He is figuring out how many he can put in, without it overflowing. Children learn math skills in very subtle ways.


Kaya reads a story to her friends, Valarie and Nell. She is showing them the pages very carefully so they can see them clearly.










Together with our big buddies, clay art was created on our trees. Students collect different materials to make facial parts. Each face is entirely unique!

Till the next post,