The Pace Quickens!

The Cottage is constantly undergoing changes, both large and small. The team is working long and hard to get the building ready for our Nature School students. This past week we began discussing the move with our children, wanting to prepare them for this approaching event.  Children adapt quite easily to change, on the most part, but it is important to allow them time to process what is in their future.

Looking back on the last five weeks, we are so thankful that we had chance to run the school out of the barn.  Our initial response to the barn was one of slight concern which soon was alleviated by a great team of people with good ideas.  Like many of the paths we take in our lives, it has been a rewarding and satisfying road, one that I think we would not change.  We have watched the children and families connect with the south end of Terra Nova Rural Park; they have explored its many gems– the Healing Garden, the Sharing Farm fields, walked on the paths, played with the pebbles, and learned about the  Richmond Schoolyard Society’s  gardens. They have developed a sense of this place and its relation to the Cottage. If we had started in the Cottage, on the north end, they might not have had the opportunity to connect to this side as much. Our hope is that they do ultimately connect to the entire parkland but by spending a great deal of time in one area, one can experience that area in a different way.

Here are some photos of some of the work in the Cottage; it is wonderful to watch the transformation step by step.

The cement was poured for the front entrance.

Cement poured for back entrance and ramp.


First coat on window frames and primer on siding.



The front entrance is beginning to come together.


The back door which leads into the kitchen. It is perfectly beautiful!



Lights flank the front entrance.



Gorgeous fir planks are nailed down, one plank at a time.


The flooring is magnificent.


The blue backsplash is so alluring- bright, warm, and dramatic.


The bathroom off the kitchen.


The sink in the Studio- oh, the paint colours that will swirl down this drain!


The French doors leading out to the deck.


The Shed behind the house. This shed is beautiful and has great history but is coming down as it is unsafe. Some pieces will be salvaged to ensure its history is not forgotten.


More changes to come this week- we will keep you posted!