Building with Blocks and Building our Community.

We are very fortunate to have been gifted a set of outdoor building blocks which are absolutely amazing! They can withstand nature’s elements so they are perfect for Nature School. They have some weight to them so as you look through these pictures of children carrying blocks, know that they worked their muscles and co-ordination to get them from one place to another. This week was the first time the children experimented with them and they already were able to figure out some very structurally sound buildings. They also created trains, cars, ramps, and monster trucks! We are excited to watch as their play with these materials will change and  develop over time.

Here are our Owls hard at work!


Ezra and Jack cooperate to carry the heavy block.


William does everything with a smile!


Haymie helps out; one block at a time.













Louie and Amelia decide that going under the sunflower is more interesting than simply walking around it. I love how they did not choose the easy way out! Great curious minds.


Adam takes on the role of Foreman as he puts forth his ideas. He is learning how to be a leader.























Louie washes potatoes from our garden.


A moment of learning about cracked pepper. We open the pepper mill and explore peppercorns. As educators, we try to seize each moment as a potentially exciting learning experience.


We celebrate Kaya’s birthday at Gathering Circle.


Claire decides to make a campfire. We all gather around and sing “Fire’s Burning”. Then I ask who wants a marshmallow (pretend). I love how children jump into creative play with such ease. Soon, we have pretend chocolate and graham crackers. There is even a disagreement about someone getting too much chocolate – yes, pretend chocolate!












This week the culinary students from the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver were at the farm learning all sorts of new skills related to the true essence of farm to table. gardening, harvesting, processing vegetables and even a lesson on bees all from Nature School partner Chef Ian Lai. They also were our big buddies for our morning Eagle classes. Our Nature students had the opportunity to roll out two types of dough with our buddies and then watch them rise in the Cobb oven with the most scrumptious toppings (thanks Chef Warren, Chef Curtis, and Chef Stacey!)

This type of experience holds great value for all of us- the small children, the older students, the teachers and the parents. Our young children learn to work with new people, even if it means holding back fearful tears. They learn there are interesting and talented people in the world who are willing to spend time listening to them and guiding them through a new experience. Together we are building community and we are grateful for this opportunity.


Miles and his big buddy, Cynthia, from Northwest Culinary Academy roll out pizza dough.


Damian receives instruction from his big buddy,Pedro. At first Damian was hesitant to get flour on his hands but with the gentle encouragement from his buddy, he rolled out dough.













Taylor smiles at Nell in adoration of her ability to jump into the project!


Big buddy Nick watches over Andy as he learns to coordinate rolling the pin back and forth.












Rylan is loving working with Angela!


Olina and Cale enjoy working together.












Big buddy, Liv, helps Ty, put the pizza in the Cobb oven.











Tricia and Haymie investigate thyme.

The Owl classes went on a couple of long walks this week. The simple act of running through fields and staying together as a group is actually a lot of learning. Children learn how to be free, go at their own speed and yet be part of a group.  These life lessons do not happen overnight and we all must be patient as they learn these skills. The Owls also took time to explore our herb gardens, find insects for our bugs jars, make friends and picnic outdoors.


Joel and Clayton bond over a small creature.


Kingston looks closely at a rotten apple piece.


Thomas shows us his woodbug.


Jasmine and Elisia have a gentle moment together.



Charleigh and Sola pull the wagon- learning how to get two hands on one handle!



















Ethan is a confident tree climber. He has sturdy feet and checks for secure branches.

Our first month of school has passed- really?