Looking Beyond the Work

The crew has been working hard, really hard. And, really carefully.  Kate and I have gone by almost daily to chat with the crew and see the progress ( and maybe bring them a cookie or two). In speaking with them, it became apparent that these skilled carpenters really care about their work. They are interested in the history of the building, recognizing its significance and valuing its preservation. All along I have been grateful for their attention to detail and care but it suddenly dawned on me whilst flying high above the world in an airplane over our countryside yesterday, that the process of this restoration is so utterly perfect for our Nature School. In fact, it falls under one of our core values and guiding principles.

Kate and I have engaged in numerous discussions about the importance of place based education; allowing children an opportunity to connect to their land and their community on a very deep level.  The premise being that if one spends quality time with something, whether it be a person, place or thing, then one will naturally develop an important relationship with it. It follows then that the craftspeople who are working on every element of this house, are creating deep relationships with its parts.  Each time they run their fingers along the grain, smell the wood and see its shape, they are connecting to the piece and aiming to restore it to its natural beauty again.

And, isn’t this the very essence of what we hope our children will experience?  Caring for things, not taking them for granted, not replacing things just because we can.How fortunate we are to have this project so in sync with our school values. We are grateful for this work and the craftspeople.

Here are a few glimpses into their work:


Working on the door frames.


Staining the baseboards.


Getting the windows ready to install back in their original spaces. Notice the extra foreman on the job!




Beginning to sand all the drawers from the built-in cabinet.


First drywall is complete!


Preparing to install the new chimney. Although it is not a working chimney, it replicates the original one.



The base of the back entrance.


The base of the porch which extends from the great room.


Tony discussing a plan for the front entrance.


Drilling in preparation for fire systems.

Till the next time,



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