A Bird’s Eye View

As part of the building restoration, the foundation needs to be re-done and although we had been anticipating this stage for the past while, the moment of viewing the Cottage on ‘stilts’ was nothing short of extraordinary.Many thoughts flashed through my mind at that moment and when Kate and I chatted about it, it was evident she shared the same feelings. The Cottage seems so vulnerable as it depends on the scaffolding to hold it up. There is a sense of delicate balance, of preciousness, of reverence– and, perhaps this is the truth behind many things. The children that will inhabit this building, will also be precious. They too will need help balancing and they too, should be revered.

Here are a few photos capturing the precarious position of the Cottage! Luckily, it is in good hands- the reno team is working hard and with careful consideration!

IMG_8214   IMG_8218   IMG_8217



And, to keep you up to date on the Play Experience, here are some photos of the newest additions.


IMG_8220   IMG_8225   IMG_8219



Until the next update,


3 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye View

  1. Wow! I love this play area! It’s so beautiful that even I want to try myself 😉 Thank you for building these amazing future experiences for the children.

    • Leona,

      We are eager to use it ourselves! Maybe we should have a “Adults on the Playground” night? We are fortunate to live in a city that promotes well-being and sees value in creating innovative spaces to spend time outdoors.

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