Let the Restoration Begin!

With much anticipation, the work has begun on the Edwardian Cottage. In order to prepare to lift the house so the foundation can be re-done, some shrubs were cleared and the land around the house was excavated.  These are the beginning stages of the renovation and although they are not extraordinary in any particular way, they are nonetheless vital.  I think it is important to recognize the ‘ecology’ in everything;  I am using the term loosely to signify the relationship between things. Each part of this restoration will build from the one prior and there is no piece that will not hold its own importance.

Here are some photos of the process thus far:

Image 3

Image 4





For the past few years, as one of my personal goals, I am working on enjoying being in the moment and not looking ahead to the next event. So, in keeping with this commitment, I am going to try to do my best to do the same with this restoration. Of course, Kate and I have imagined the Cottage filled with beautiful things– wood furniture, carpets, lamps, shelving with beautiful objects, and children’s artwork. Rather than jump into the completed space in my head, I want to enjoy watching the day-to-day, week to week, month to month transformation of this already beautiful house into what will be the indoor space of our school. Thanks for following the journey of this building. And, as it develops, we must acknowledge and honour the house in its original state– the people who built it, lived in it and gave it life.  These stories will be the foundation for our new stories.


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