Steveston Insider

Nature Nurtures

Spring has arrived, and with the season of rebirth comes more frequent sightings of one of my favourite fine-feathered friends, the robin. Much to my children’s dismay, I will burst into the song “Robin in the Rain” when I see a “saucy fellow” skittering about on “its nimble feet” like a wind up toy methodically hunting for worms.
Coinciding with increased bird sightings is another much anticipated sign of warmer days as spring flowers debut. There is so much hope attached to these perennial players as they return to the garden stage. Elegant hellebores, delicate snowdrops and colourful crocuses warm up eager audiences in late winter, followed by the cameo appearances of cheerful daffodils, along with dramatic tulips in a rainbow of colours and varieties, yet they are all stars as they take their curtain call.