The Building of the Play Experience Continues

The construction crew from Vancouver Island has been hard at work installing the equipment. The cedar is looking outstandingly beautiful! Here are a few photos from some of the main play areas.

The Zipline




The Climber





The Swing



What lies ahead? Stay tuned for more pictures later this week!


2 thoughts on “The Building of the Play Experience Continues

  1. Hi, Emily!

    Not only did we show Jasper the pictures, we actually took him for a short visit to the site of his new school. He loved the slide and wanted to try it, but of course, it was fenced in. Can’t wait to see the Play Experience completed. Love reading your blogs and sharing in the excitement in seeing this wonderful school take shape before our very eyes!


    • Emily,

      That is wonderful that you took Jasper to Terra Nova to explore the land and the play area! It is so important for us all, children and adults, to partake in the development of things around us, whether it is a building, a play ground, a park etc. It provides a sense of place and creates history as we go along. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog!

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